Introducing MesaMesa, the benefits of Social Proof & how to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

  • Customers are more excited to try a different restaurant because they see it’s busy and popular
  • Customers avoid going into an empty restaurant, instead they will choose the busier one next door
  • Potential customers will check online reviews before choosing a new restaurant to visit

This is all caused by Social Proof, which is the concept that our choices are determined by following the actions of others, their affirmation gives us the confidence to follow them. This effect is also known as empty restaurant syndrome, click here to watch this in action.

You can benefit from a boost in customer flow, grow customer loyalty, customer recommendations, and increase customer spend using the power of social proof, by accepting the MesaMesa card at your restaurant.

Joining MesaMesa today will increase visitor numbers during your less busy periods. You will benefit from your own dedicated restaurant page with a full description of your restaurant, opening times, contact details, directions, and a gallery. Your page will include customer reviews promoting your restaurant to other members, we also advertise regularly on social media, press and local radio throughout the Costa Blanca. We make no money from restaurants and supply free of charge all advertising material. 

Research shows that discounts, vouchers and free offers all add value to the bottom line, read the science here. MesaMesa diners will spend more on additional menu items, such as extra drinks, choosing the more expensive menu or an alternative wine option. Having discovered your restaurant they will return, not only to use their MesaMesa membership but also during excluded times when normal pricing will apply.

Accepting MesaMesa will fully utilise your restaurant’s earning potential, to turn empty tables in to paying reservations. You choose the offer that suits your restaurant, you can choose the deals that you want to offer –  33% off à la carte excluding drinks, offering free kids meals, or simply a free bottle of wine. These are just suggestions you can set your own level of discount.

You are able to control the numbers because you can apply your own exclusions such as Friday or Saturday evenings and public holidays, or the number of diners per card – you choose your restrictions, it’s up to you. Our terms and conditions clearly state that any reservation must be made in advance by telephone, keeping you in complete control of accepting reservations.

MesaMesa members will make their choice of restaurant based on a restaurants acceptance of their card and offer.

10 reasons why you should consider accepting MesaMesa

  1. MesaMesa DO NOT charge a fee to restaurants, joining is free, listing is free and we supply all POS material
  2. Increase reservations and turnover
  3. Restaurants have their own dedicated page on
  4. Members are able to leave restaurant reviews
  5. Each week MesaMesa will highlight featured restaurants based on popularity
  6. All members will receive a weekly email promoting new and existing restaurants
  7. Choose your own offers
  8. Select your restrictions
  9. We are promoting MesaMesa by advertising on radio, social media and print
  10. MesaMesa is backed by a team of professional website developers and marketeers based in the UK

Sign up and give it a try – you have complete control of the discounts and dining restrictions so you have absolutely nothing to lose, it’s a win – win situation. There is no obligation to stay with MesaMesa if you decide it does not work for you. 

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